TRUTH UNBOUND… Beyond Faith-Belief

TRUTH UNBOUND… Beyond Faith-Belief

The Evolution Process of Creation

Sporadic consistency constitutes the multi-dimensional structure of formed substance, material mass and biodynamics.

Material life oozed through the muck of maggot-slime biomass into the Fate of speciated destinies [ Job 17:14, Heb.Txt.].

There is nothing original about Creation. It is multi-faceted, sporadic and non-intentional.

Creation is infinitely multi-dimensional, in explications of the Volition Principle and the Volution Dynamic causation process.

‘In the Volition Order of Cause, Volution Dynamic dispatched a formative process within the Cosmic Matrix, forming visible heavens, celestial bodies, and Earth as a life-modification sphere’ [Gen.1:1, Heb.Txt. (Orbicus Version)].

‘And the bio-modification sphere became a waste of confused desolation of indistinguishable biomass. And a misery of death, destruction, ignorance and sorrow was upon the impudent countenance of the surging dark watery mass. Then the blast of dynamic virulence relaxed upon the obscure visage of waste-water biomass’ [Gen.1:2,Heb.Txt. (ibid)].




Esoteric Mind is rarely in sync with the Global Asylum, but hangs suspended between Time and Space,in hints of circularity… seeing my-self ever grasping after I-Self.

Purpose impels and at times impairs its own end by pretense and presumptuous design, exemplified in the artificiality of freedom and flawed intention of civilization. In all too many historical scenarios, civilization and its artificiality of freedom preys upon the spirit of man through force, coercion and ultimate death: a living drama of the history of civilization played out on the stage of politico-religio-socio injustice. Function has Force and method and result.Freedom at the desecration of man in his technocratic perception of reality is inflcting a great and terrible wound within the biospheric Fabric of Existence.

We can never change the way we live until we change the way we believe. The God of Life does not constrain nor restrain us, but simply releases us to embrace our Destiny or surrender to our own creation of ego-driven Fate.

We are continually evolving through ever-expanding states of being, but we do not evolve toward Eternity or Infinity, because they are the Source of our beingness… as a duality of soulical beings of Spirit-ual liability.

We need simply to remove the Ego-Veil and see the Spirit-Self of our true Realness… our Divine Self within…

“The purpose of human existence is to reunite the ego with the divine self and live in full consciousness of the eternal and infinite ground of all manifestation” [Aldous Huxley, Song of God].

Man is a Spirit-ual Being, needing only to look within, see God-Self and embrace it….

Love-Light-Laughter—— Orbicus

Autological Aspects of Self and self

The distinctiveness of Self and self,relevant to Spirit and soul,Divine and mortal, Infinite and finite, Destiny and Fate, is veiled behind a mental block of Spirit-ual ignorance, that is projected into our perception of Reality.

We are become illusional and disillusioned, held hostage by exploitation of our individuated I-dentity, having become, by assignation, nothing more than global technospheric bio-factors… organic portals.

In essence, we are targeted as I-Self entities by Science-Gog and Technocratic Magog, in an imposed and enforced Apocalyptic Consequence designed to collapse our consciousness-awareness… that innate Spirit aspect of our beingness, the I-Self… beyond our Reptilian Id, Mammilian Ego and Neocortical Super-Ego.

Illusion, the New Reality

cloning, synthetic biology, soul-less humans

organic portals, plasmid vectors

To transcribe and translate


within the Cosmic Cell… our present existence.

Within this Cosmic Cell, we have the potential for modulation of a shared field, by harmonic resonance… a quantum potential for communication-exchange with other entities. Dare I say non-human entities, within this Cosmic Cell of psychic interaction by harmonic resonance, in communication with Intelligent Force, whether artificial or non-material. But then, perhaps not, because we are simply being tolerated as parasites within this Cosmic Cell… like maggot-life, as cited in the biblical text [ Job 17:14; 25:6].

Prior to this maggot-parasite state, the Self, that became Adamic hybrid-humanity pre- existed beyond this soulical mortal plane as Spirit- Vibration, becoming transitioned into holographic material form… in which Light-Wave-Frequency became patterned Energy. Back to that Spirit-Vibration pre-existent state we shall ultimately return: whenever Galactic Ordering Dynamic [ the GOD factor] tires of experiencing the Horizontal Plane of soulical mortalness.

The CosmoVerse encompasses an incongruous relationship of Realities and embodiments… a stochastic collage of orderlylessness.

Love-Light-Laughter—— Orbicus

Perturbations of Mind of a Caffeinado

The Romance of Coffee……

Today’s coffee culture is blissfully derelect to the intrigue and romance of nuanced sensations of the Bunnu Cherry, that were cherished treasures of our ancestral caffeinados. Sadly, coffee enthusiasts have become content with soothing their insatiable desire by indulgence in an adulterated coffee ‘fix’ or cuppa java from a coffee bean of nondescript identity, without any evident concern for growth habitat or country of origin… but just simply demanding:’ Hey!… gimme a cuppa joe’, or some ‘bean doesn’t matter’ drink.

Unadulterated Coffee Culture is driven by hedonistic sensations of purist self-indulgence, which not only feels good but captivates the senses and invigorates spirit, mind and body. Every true caffeinado seeks sensations of the REAL, in purist gratification in both bean and brew, for the Perfect Cup, savoring the Perfect Espresso precisely at 27 extraction… that induces self-esteem and liberates the depth of soul… in imaginings Edenic, in Sacred Oneness of: The Seeker and the Bean—

Seeking perfection through shared sensory experience

At once a comforting reminder of home

An emboldener of spirit in joining dreams and reality

A mystery familiar and exotic

The promise of something you hope but dare not speak

The curse and gift of desire itself

Manifest in a cup of water heated by fire,over a bean of earth

and sun and air

[Poem, by Jason Lewis, true caffeinado & friend]

Love-Light-Laughter——- Orbicus

The Holiness of Heresy

I have no illusions to being an avowed heretic; rather, I have an inner-Self assurance of non-fictional reality… with its end-result of conflict against politico-religio-socio institu- tionalisms an traditions that not only limit our choices but actively and subversively seek to imprison us within an Edenic confinement of servitudal conformity to an Archontic Agenda… rule by an Inquisition of Ignorance, exercising self-imposed authoritarianism over the mass of humanity… in opposition to the Holiness of Heresy:

“I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church,by the Roman church,by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions or churches… appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit” [ Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason; London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1896, 31 ].

Obviously, mine is an heretical project, not of mal-intent but rather in making manifest the demeaning and destructive intent of the politico-religio-socio construct designed to incapacitate and demoralize mankind, in order to rob him of his Spiritual Destiny, for a Prodigal’s pig-stye existence.

HERESY is a beautiful word!… which in its original Greek translates ‘to go one’s way’, or ‘to choose’; quite literally a sacred word of refusal to conform to erroneous authoritarianisms; to be FREE from the Tyranny of Religion…itself rooted in cultures of politico-religo-socio construct.

Love-Light-Laughter—– Orbicus

All About Me…

I am best described/defined as an Esoteric Caffeinado, with a taint of bitter sweet essence of Exegetical Theology. At times this mix brews a cup of turmoil in spirit and soul, from which exudes a Poetry of Beingness, a Song of Inner Conflict, a Continuing Revelation in explications of the Holiness of Heresy. Enrapturous indeed!

Beyond the nephistic masquerade of alter-ego self

in thought and conversation without substance

Beyond formless null-blocks of stochastic void

across the path to understanding

I return to that paradigm premised on Galactic Culture

into which I was initiated… May 27, 1998…

Yes, I AM a pre-existent Empath…



In Closing My Eyes…I see !

A very vulnerable yet precipitous position in which to find one’s self is in a state of Gnosis, in perceptive knowing and spiritual understanding; seeing the Unseen and grasping at fleeting realities, while incarcerated in this soulical body of spiritual liability, in which is secreted, nonetheless, the Sacred Presence of Divine Light.

When one begins to realize that innate consciousness-awareness is the True Self, and that the inherent self of mortal mind is but a hybridization… an altered-ego pseudo-reality of illusory duality… then, at that precise moment, comes a revelation of Truth and Enlightenment, and the haunting realization that innate consciousness-awareness is True-Self… Spirit-ual Self.

It is in realizing and acknowledging this innate function-factor that one can then enter into the dominion of True Self-Spirit Self. Embracing this new dimension, one has entered into the Spirit Realm of Continuing Revelation… in seeing True Self as Infinite and beyond Eternal, whether with or without material form and function.

On the human side… the perturbation of mind is most exhilarating in its promiscuous masquerade of perplexing naked imagination, where fantasy is the playground of fools !

Don’t ask me to explain what I write. If you don’t have a grasp for it, then it’s obviously not for you. No one or no thing is going to save me… Spirit needs no redemption.

I write for its own sake: when you’re dead to soulical mortal self, you just gotta be your True Self.

‘For you renounced your self-life, and the Source of Spirit-Life has fully permeated your being with Christos in God.

Whenever you exemplify the Christos-Life, then also your true character shall evince a glorious state’ [ Col. 3:3,4; Gk.Txt. rendition of ‘resurrection’, by an Unbelieving Christian Gnostic ].

Love-Light-Laughter…… Orbicus


Welcome to Esoteric Mind-at-Large.

This site is devoted to Truth, beyond the Horizontal Plane of finite mind faculties of Reason and Logic.

Esoteric Mind transcends the construct of soulical me-self beingness and its expressions-impressions of religious experience.

Esoteric Mind explicates the I-Self in terms of Spirit-ual Realities innate within pre-existent Spirit-ual Beingness, beyond the finite limitations of soulical self.

Realities actualize on diverse levels of manifestation within Infinite Volition, as spiritual, non-spiritual and interassociated… better stated as spiritual, material and madeontic ( personality superimposed upon energy, as in hologram).

Esoteric Mind does not hold Truth as a possession but rather as a progression. Truth, Spirit-ual Truth, is not an object of attainment but a Realm to be entered into, by which one is informed and transformed from the soulical to Spirit-ual… in continuum of Simultaneity of Time.

Enjoy the transcendence into Esoteric Mind.



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