TRUTH UNBOUND… Beyond Faith-Belief

TRUTH UNBOUND… Beyond Faith-Belief

The Evolution Process of Creation

Sporadic consistency constitutes the multi-dimensional structure of formed substance, material mass and biodynamics.

Material life oozed through the muck of maggot-slime biomass into the Fate of speciated destinies [ Job 17:14, Heb.Txt.].

There is nothing original about Creation. It is multi-faceted, sporadic and non-intentional.

Creation is infinitely multi-dimensional, in explications of the Volition Principle and the Volution Dynamic causation process.

‘In the Volition Order of Cause, Volution Dynamic dispatched a formative process within the Cosmic Matrix, forming visible heavens, celestial bodies, and Earth as a life-modification sphere’ [Gen.1:1, Heb.Txt. (Orbicus Version)].

‘And the bio-modification sphere became a waste of confused desolation of indistinguishable biomass. And a misery of death, destruction, ignorance and sorrow was upon the impudent countenance of the surging dark watery mass. Then the blast of dynamic virulence relaxed upon the obscure visage of waste-water biomass’ [Gen.1:2,Heb.Txt. (ibid)].


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