Esoteric Mind is rarely in sync with the Global Asylum, but hangs suspended between Time and Space,in hints of circularity… seeing my-self ever grasping after I-Self.

Purpose impels and at times impairs its own end by pretense and presumptuous design, exemplified in the artificiality of freedom and flawed intention of civilization. In all too many historical scenarios, civilization and its artificiality of freedom preys upon the spirit of man through force, coercion and ultimate death: a living drama of the history of civilization played out on the stage of politico-religio-socio injustice. Function has Force and method and result.Freedom at the desecration of man in his technocratic perception of reality is inflcting a great and terrible wound within the biospheric Fabric of Existence.

We can never change the way we live until we change the way we believe. The God of Life does not constrain nor restrain us, but simply releases us to embrace our Destiny or surrender to our own creation of ego-driven Fate.

We are continually evolving through ever-expanding states of being, but we do not evolve toward Eternity or Infinity, because they are the Source of our beingness… as a duality of soulical beings of Spirit-ual liability.

We need simply to remove the Ego-Veil and see the Spirit-Self of our true Realness… our Divine Self within…

“The purpose of human existence is to reunite the ego with the divine self and live in full consciousness of the eternal and infinite ground of all manifestation” [Aldous Huxley, Song of God].

Man is a Spirit-ual Being, needing only to look within, see God-Self and embrace it….

Love-Light-Laughter—— Orbicus

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