Autological Aspects of Self and self

The distinctiveness of Self and self,relevant to Spirit and soul,Divine and mortal, Infinite and finite, Destiny and Fate, is veiled behind a mental block of Spirit-ual ignorance, that is projected into our perception of Reality.

We are become illusional and disillusioned, held hostage by exploitation of our individuated I-dentity, having become, by assignation, nothing more than global technospheric bio-factors… organic portals.

In essence, we are targeted as I-Self entities by Science-Gog and Technocratic Magog, in an imposed and enforced Apocalyptic Consequence designed to collapse our consciousness-awareness… that innate Spirit aspect of our beingness, the I-Self… beyond our Reptilian Id, Mammilian Ego and Neocortical Super-Ego.

Illusion, the New Reality

cloning, synthetic biology, soul-less humans

organic portals, plasmid vectors

To transcribe and translate


within the Cosmic Cell… our present existence.

Within this Cosmic Cell, we have the potential for modulation of a shared field, by harmonic resonance… a quantum potential for communication-exchange with other entities. Dare I say non-human entities, within this Cosmic Cell of psychic interaction by harmonic resonance, in communication with Intelligent Force, whether artificial or non-material. But then, perhaps not, because we are simply being tolerated as parasites within this Cosmic Cell… like maggot-life, as cited in the biblical text [ Job 17:14; 25:6].

Prior to this maggot-parasite state, the Self, that became Adamic hybrid-humanity pre- existed beyond this soulical mortal plane as Spirit- Vibration, becoming transitioned into holographic material form… in which Light-Wave-Frequency became patterned Energy. Back to that Spirit-Vibration pre-existent state we shall ultimately return: whenever Galactic Ordering Dynamic [ the GOD factor] tires of experiencing the Horizontal Plane of soulical mortalness.

The CosmoVerse encompasses an incongruous relationship of Realities and embodiments… a stochastic collage of orderlylessness.

Love-Light-Laughter—— Orbicus

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