Perturbations of Mind of a Caffeinado

The Romance of Coffee……

Today’s coffee culture is blissfully derelect to the intrigue and romance of nuanced sensations of the Bunnu Cherry, that were cherished treasures of our ancestral caffeinados. Sadly, coffee enthusiasts have become content with soothing their insatiable desire by indulgence in an adulterated coffee ‘fix’ or cuppa java from a coffee bean of nondescript identity, without any evident concern for growth habitat or country of origin… but just simply demanding:’ Hey!… gimme a cuppa joe’, or some ‘bean doesn’t matter’ drink.

Unadulterated Coffee Culture is driven by hedonistic sensations of purist self-indulgence, which not only feels good but captivates the senses and invigorates spirit, mind and body. Every true caffeinado seeks sensations of the REAL, in purist gratification in both bean and brew, for the Perfect Cup, savoring the Perfect Espresso precisely at 27 extraction… that induces self-esteem and liberates the depth of soul… in imaginings Edenic, in Sacred Oneness of: The Seeker and the Bean—

Seeking perfection through shared sensory experience

At once a comforting reminder of home

An emboldener of spirit in joining dreams and reality

A mystery familiar and exotic

The promise of something you hope but dare not speak

The curse and gift of desire itself

Manifest in a cup of water heated by fire,over a bean of earth

and sun and air

[Poem, by Jason Lewis, true caffeinado & friend]

Love-Light-Laughter——- Orbicus


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