Welcome to Esoteric Mind-at-Large.

This site is devoted to Truth, beyond the Horizontal Plane of finite mind faculties of Reason and Logic.

Esoteric Mind transcends the construct of soulical me-self beingness and its expressions-impressions of religious experience.

Esoteric Mind explicates the I-Self in terms of Spirit-ual Realities innate within pre-existent Spirit-ual Beingness, beyond the finite limitations of soulical self.

Realities actualize on diverse levels of manifestation within Infinite Volition, as spiritual, non-spiritual and interassociated… better stated as spiritual, material and madeontic ( personality superimposed upon energy, as in hologram).

Esoteric Mind does not hold Truth as a possession but rather as a progression. Truth, Spirit-ual Truth, is not an object of attainment but a Realm to be entered into, by which one is informed and transformed from the soulical to Spirit-ual… in continuum of Simultaneity of Time.

Enjoy the transcendence into Esoteric Mind.




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