In Closing My Eyes…I see !

A very vulnerable yet precipitous position in which to find one’s self is in a state of Gnosis, in perceptive knowing and spiritual understanding; seeing the Unseen and grasping at fleeting realities, while incarcerated in this soulical body of spiritual liability, in which is secreted, nonetheless, the Sacred Presence of Divine Light.

When one begins to realize that innate consciousness-awareness is the True Self, and that the inherent self of mortal mind is but a hybridization… an altered-ego pseudo-reality of illusory duality… then, at that precise moment, comes a revelation of Truth and Enlightenment, and the haunting realization that innate consciousness-awareness is True-Self… Spirit-ual Self.

It is in realizing and acknowledging this innate function-factor that one can then enter into the dominion of True Self-Spirit Self. Embracing this new dimension, one has entered into the Spirit Realm of Continuing Revelation… in seeing True Self as Infinite and beyond Eternal, whether with or without material form and function.

On the human side… the perturbation of mind is most exhilarating in its promiscuous masquerade of perplexing naked imagination, where fantasy is the playground of fools !

Don’t ask me to explain what I write. If you don’t have a grasp for it, then it’s obviously not for you. No one or no thing is going to save me… Spirit needs no redemption.

I write for its own sake: when you’re dead to soulical mortal self, you just gotta be your True Self.

‘For you renounced your self-life, and the Source of Spirit-Life has fully permeated your being with Christos in God.

Whenever you exemplify the Christos-Life, then also your true character shall evince a glorious state’ [ Col. 3:3,4; Gk.Txt. rendition of ‘resurrection’, by an Unbelieving Christian Gnostic ].

Love-Light-Laughter…… Orbicus


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